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Department of Information Technology

Course Syllabus

1. Name of the Course: Mathematics for IT

2. LTP structure of the course: 2-2-0

3. Objective of the course:  This course covers Linear algebra; Matrix theory and probability (discrete & continuous) for information technology. Objective is to give fundamental knowledge to students and application on IT with more emphasis on problem solving.

4. Outcome of the course:  Students will learn fundamentals and able to apply these knowledge in practical problems.

5. Course Plan:


Topics for Coverage  

Component 1

Unit 1

Linear Algebra

Systems of linear equations; Row reduction and echelon forms; Matrix operations, including inverses; Linear dependence and independence; Subspaces and bases and dimensions; Orthogonal bases and orthogonal projections; Gram-Schmidt process; Projections; Linear models and least-squares problems; Determinants and their properties.

Unit 2

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; Diagonalization of a matrix; Symmetric matrices; Positive definite matrices; Similar matrices; Linear transformations; Singular Value Decomposition.

Component  2

Unit 3


 Events and Probability Spaces; Conditional Probability; Independence; Random Variables and Distributions; Expectation

Unit 4

Limit Theorems, Deviations; Markov Chains;

Random Walks.

6. Text Book:

  1. Strang, Gilbert. Introduction to Linear Algebra.
  2.  Bertsekas, Dimitri, and John Tsitsiklis. Introduction to Probability.

7. References: