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Department of Information Technology

Course Syllabus

1. Name of the Course: Programming Practices

2. LTP structure of the course: 2-0-2

3. Objective of the course:  To revise basic programming skills and coding data structures for PG (IT) students.

4. Outcome of the course:  The students will revise their skills in basic programming and data structures. They shall have the ability to solve problems using basic data structures in C and will be poised to implement more complicated algorithms that they shall encounter in later semesters.

5. Course Plan:


Topics for Coverage  

Component 1

Unit 1

Quick overview on C language

Pointers and arrays

Linked lists,

Dynamic tables

Unit 2

Disjoint sets using trees

Hashing by chaining

Perfect hashing

Heaps using trees

Search algorithms for graphs (DFS & BFS)

Component  2

Unit 3

Balanced trees,


Kruskal’s algorithm

Eulerian path,

Hamiltonian cycle

Unit 4

Shell scripts in Linux environment

Programming in bash and whiptail

Automatic testing using shell scripts

6. Text Book:

7. References:

  1. Pro Bash Programming by Chris F.A. Johnson, Apress.
  2. C Programming Language (Ed 2) by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, Prentice Hall
  3. Data Structures Using C and C++ by Yedidyah Langsam, Moshe J. Augenstein and Aaron M. Tenenbaum, Pearson
  4. Introduction to Algorithms (Ed 3) by TH Cormen, CE Leiserson, RL Rivest and C Stein, MIT Press