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Department of Information Technology

Course Syllabus

1. Name of the Course: Image and Video Processing

2. LTP structure of the course: 2-1-1

3. Objective of the course: 

4. Outcome of the course: 

  1. The students shall be able to apply the knowledge gained during the course to solve various real time problems.
  2. The students shall be able to develop new state of the art image and video processing method.

5. Course Plan:


Topics for Coverage  

Component 1

Unit 1

Digital Image Fundamentals Simple image model, digital image formation, sampling, quantization, resolutions and representation, relationship among pixels, types of digital images. Color Image Processing: Color Representation, Chromaticity Diagram and Color Spaces, types of digital imaging and application areas. Enhancement Point Processing:  Contrast Stretching, Powerlaw and Gamma Transformation. Histogram Processing: Histogram Equalization and Matching.

Unit 2

Filtering and Restoration Degradation function and Noise Models, Spatial Domain Filtering: Correlation and Convolution, Smoothing Linear and Nonlinear Filters: Mean and Median Filters, Adaptive Filtering, Sharpening Linear and Nonlinear Filters:  Derivative, Laplacian, Unsharp Masking, Highboost Filtering. Frequency Domain Filtering: Filtering: Lowpass (Smoothing) & HighPass (Sharpening), Ideal, Butterworth and Gaussian Filtering, Unsharp Masking and HighBoost  Filtering,  Homomorphic  Filtering,  Periodic  Noise Reduction and Inverse Filtering & Wiener Filtering.

Component  2

Unit 3

 Edges, Lines and Boundary Detection First and Second Order Edge Operators,  Multiscale  Edge  Detection,  Canny  Edge  Detection Algorithm,   Hough   Transform:   Line   and   Edge   Detection, Morphological Operations and Application:  Boundary, Skelton, ConvexHull, Thinning, Pruning etc.  Segmentation  &  Feature Extraction:  Modelbased  and  probabilistic  methods  and  Image Classification  Optimal  and  Multilevel  Thresholding,  Gray  Image Segmentation, Watershed Algorithm.

Unit 4

Compression:  Lossy  and  Lossless  compression  techniques,  JPEG, JPEG2000  and  Variants,  Introduction  to  video  processing, Compression  standards  and  formats  (MPEG  &  H.XXX),  Video Streaming.

6. Text Book: Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition) by Willam K. Pratt, John Willey & Sons

7. References: