1. Departmental Post-Graduate Committee (DPGC)

  1. HOD IT (Chairman, DPGC)
  2. Dr. Sonali Agarwal (Convener, DPGC)
  3. Prof. Shekhar Verma
  4. Prof. Vrijendra Singh
  5. Dr. Manish Kumar
  6. Dr. S Venkatesan
  7. Dr. Mohammed Javed
  8. Dr. Bibhash Ghosal
  9. Dr. Muneendra Ojha
  10. Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey

2. Departmental Under-Graduate Committee (DUGC)

  1. HOD IT (Chairman, DUGC)
  2. Dr. Triloki Pant (Convener, DUGC)
  3. Prof. O. P. Vyas
  4. Prof. Anupam Agarwal
  5. Dr. Satish Kumar Singh
  6. Dr. Rahul Kala
  7. Dr. Navjot Singh
  8. Dr. Anshu S Anand
  9. Dr. Anjali Gautam
  10. Dr. Nabajyoti Majumdar


Department of IT invites applications for admission to PhD program (With Institute/ External Fellowship)/ Non full-time PhD Program for Working Professionals) for January 2024 session. Please click here for more information
Last date for application: 10th December, 2023
Date of Written Test and Interview: 20th December, 2023