List of Ongoing Projects (By Faculty members of IT Department)
S. No Name of Project Funding Agency Coordinator Period of Project Project Cost (INR)
1 Newgen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre DST Dr. Ranjana Vyas 2018-23 9500000
2 Modeling And Simulation Of Environmental And Occupational Epidemology Data
in Indian Context: An Ontology bases Data Mining Approach
CSIR Dr. Sonali Agarwal 2019-23 2636000
3 Development of Application Oriented AI Systems MeitY Prof. U.S. Tiwary,
Dr. Bibhash Ghosal,
Dr. Jagpreet Singh
2020-23 3982000
4 Improving Access to Science and Technology Higher Education in Resource-
Poor Institutions through an Open Platform for Technology Enabled Active Learning Environment
Sri Lanka Dr. Sonali Agarwal 2020-23 Euro 72,724
5 IOT Based Testbed IIT Kanpur (DST) Dr. S. Venkatesan, Dr. Soumyadev Maity,
Dr. Vijay Chaurasiya
2021-26 27425000
6 Design of efficient descriptors for biomedical image retrieval in computer assisted diagnosis DST Dr. Satish Kr. Singh 2021-23 1082000
7 Intelligent Grasp Manipulation Technology Development in a Cobotics Framework Using Complex Manipulation (Human Robot Interaction) IIT Delhi Prof. G.C.Nandi 2021-24 10000000
8 Reliable and privacy Preserving Data Auditing for FOG-assisted Cyber Physical System IHub NTIHAC Doundation, C3iHub Dr. Soumyadev Maity 2021-24 2240240


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