List of Ongoing Projects (By Faculty members of IT Department)
S. No Name of Project Funding Agency Coordinator Period of Project Project Cost (INR)
1 Newgen Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre DST Dr. Ranjana Vyas 2018-23 9500000
2 Scheduling of Precedence tasks with DVFS and Duplication on heterogeneous multiprocessors SERB Dr. Jagpreet SIngh 2018-22 1798090
3 Development of Secure IoT Communication using the Blockchain Technology DST Dr. Venkatesan 2019-22 2900000
4 Modeling And Simulation Of Environmental And Occupational Epidemology Data
in Indian Context: An Ontology bases Data Mining Approach
CSIR Dr. Sonali Agarwal 2019-23 2636000
5 A web browser based Intelligent kernel tool for automatic detection and blocking
of obscene image and video contents in real time by IIIT Allahabad
BPRD Prof. P.Nagabhushan,
Dr. Satish Kr. Singh,
Dr. Mohammed Javed
2020-22 3830400
6 Development of Application Oriented AI Systems MeitY Prof. U.S. Tiwary,
Dr. Bibhash Ghosal,
Dr. Jagpreet Singh
2020-23 3982000
7 Improving Access to Science and Technology Higher Education in Resource-
Poor Institutions through an Open Platform for Technology Enabled Active Learning Environment
Sri Lanka Dr. Sonali Agarwal 2020-23 Euro 72,724
8 Social Awareness for COVID-19 through AI based Mobile App DST Dr. Vrijendra Singh 2020-22 1576800
9 IOT Based Testbed IIT Kanpur (DST) Dr. S. Venkatesan, Dr. Soumyadev Maity,
Dr. Vijay Chaurasiya
2021-26 27425000
10 Design of efficient descriptors for biomedical image retrieval in computer assisted diagnosis DST Dr. Satish Kr. Singh 2021-23 1082000
11 Intelligent Grasp Manipulation Technology Development in a Cobotics Framework Using Complex Manipulation (Human Robot Interaction) IIT Delhi Prof. G.C.Nandi 2021-24 10000000
12 Reliable and privacy Preserving Data Auditing for FOG-assisted Cyber Physical System IHub NTIHAC Doundation, C3iHub Dr. Soumyadev Maity 2021-24 2240240
13 Development of deep learning based hashing techniques for image retrieval - Indo-Taiwan DST Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey 2019-22 2828580


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