List of Ph.D. Students

Sl. No. Roll No. Name Supervisor Year of Enrollment Status
1 RS-10 Ms. Maringanti Hema Bindu Prof. U.S. Tiwari 2004 Awarded
2 RS-11 Ms. Sonali Agrawal Prof. G. N. Pandey 2003 Awarded
3 RS-15 Mr. Thongchai Sengsri Prof. M. Radhakrishna 2004 Submitted
4 RS-17 Mr. Anupam Agarwal Prof RC Joshi (IITR) and Prof M. Radhakrishna (IIITA) 2001 Awarded
5 RS-26 Mr. Vijay Chaurasia Prof. G. C. Nandi 2006 Awarded
6 RS-28 Mr. Manish Kumar Dr. Shekhar Verma 2007 Awarded
7 RS-31 Mr. Abhishek Vaish Dr. Shirshu Verma 2007 Awarded
8 RS-33 Mr. Alok Kumar Dr. Shirshu Verma 2008 Awarded
9 RS-34 Mr. Brijesh Kumar Chaurasia Dr. Shekhar Verma 2008 Awarded
10 RS-35 Mr. Anand Singh Jalal Dr. Vrijendra Singh 2008 Awarded
11 RS-36 Mr. Abhishek Pandey Prof. R.C. Tripathi 2008 Submitted
12 RS-37 Mr. Jay Shankar Prasad Prof. G.C. Nandi 2008 Awarded
13 RS-38 Ms. Upasna Singh Prof. G.C. Nandi 2008 Awarded
14 RS-39 Mr. Shrishail Math Prof. R.C. Tripathi 2008 Awarded
15 RS-40 Ms. Neetu Mishra Prof. Sudip Sanyal. 2008 Submitted
16 RS-41 Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta Dr. Sudip Sanyal 2008 Submitted
17 RS-46 Mr. Hrishikesh Mishra Dr. T. Lahiri 2008 Awarded
18 RS-49 Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Verma Prof.U.S.Tiwary 2009 Ongoing
19 RS-51 Mr. Sarvesh Vishwakarma Dr. Anupam Agarwal 2009 Submitted
20 RS-52 Mr. Shashank Srivastava Prof. G.C.Nandi 2009 Awarded
21 RS-54 Mr. Siddharth Swarup Rautaray Dr. Anupam Agarwal 2009 Awarded
22 RS-56 Mr. Ratnesh Prasad Srivastava Prof. G.C. Nandi 2009 Ongoing
23 RS-58 Ms. Manjusha Pandey Dr. Shekhar Verma 2009 Submitted
24 RS-62 Mr. Chandra Shekhar Prof. M Radhakrishna /Co-supervisor Dr. Shirshu Verma 2009 Ongoing
25 RS-63 Mr. Ranjeet Singh Tomar Dr. Shekhar Verma 2009 Awarded
26 RS-64 Mr. Pradheep Kumar S Dr. Shekhar Verma 2009 Awarded
27 RS-65 Mr. Bhupesh Kumar Singh Dr. Anupam Agarwal 2009 Ongoing-residential leave
28 RS-66 Mr. A. P. Manu Dr. O. P. Vyas 2009 Awarded
29 RS-69 Mr. Rajesh Doriya Dr. Pavan Chackraborty 2010 Ongoing-residential leave
30 RS-70 Ms. Bhawana Rudra Prof. O. P. Vyas 2010 Submitted
31 RS-72 Ms. Shivangi Raman Dr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasia 2010 Ongoing
32 RS-73 Mr. Sayantan Nath Prof. G.N Pandey 2010 Ongoing
33 RS-75 Mr. Aditya Kishore Saxena Dr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasia 2010 Ongoing
34 RS-76 Mrs. Jyoti Srivastava Prof. Sudip Sanyal 2010 Ongoing
35 RS-77 Mr. Shaishav Agrawal Guide- Prof. Sudip Sanyal & Co-Guide Dr. Ratna Sanyal 2010 Residential leave-ongoing
36 RS-79 Mr. Satya Prakash Dr. Shirshu Verma, Co-guide :Dr. Abhishek Vaish 2010 Ongoing
37 RS-81 Ms. Seema Mishra Prof. G.C. Nandi 2010 Ongoing
38 RS-91 Mr. Muneendra Ojha Prof. M. Radhkrishna 2011 Ongoing
39 RS-92 Mr. Krishna Kant Agrawal Prof. G. N. Pandey (IOCL Project) 2011 Ongoing
40 RS-93 Mr.Vimal Upadhayay Prof. G. N. Pandey (IOCL Project) 2011 Ongoing
41 RS-95 Ms. Divya Lohani Dr. Shirshu Verma 2012 Residential leave-ongoing
42 RS-96 Ms. Nidhi Kushwaha Prof. O. P. Vyas 2011 Residential leave- ongoin
43 RS-97 Mr. Bharat Singh Prof. Dr. O P Vyas 2011 Ongoing
44 RS-98 Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Prof. R.C.Tripathi 2012 Ongoing
45 RS-99 Mr. Rajeev Ranjan Dr. Shirshu Verma 2012 Ongoing
46 RS-100 Mr. Nitish Kumar Dr. Abhishek Vaish 2011 Residential leave- ongoin
47 RS-102 Mr. Pawan Sharma Guide- Prof. R. C. Tripathi Co- Guide- Dr. Vrijendra S 2011 Ongoing
48 RS-103 Ms. Akriti Nigam Prof. R. C. Tripathi 2011 Ongoing
49 RS-105 Mr. Preetish Ranjan Dr. Abhishek Vaish 2011 Residential leave- ongoin
50 RS-109 Mr. Piyush Kumar Dr. Anupam Agarwal 2011 Ongoing
51 RS-110 Mr. Avinash Kumar Singh Prof. G. C. Nandi 2012 Ongoing
52 RS-112 Mr. Akhilendra Pratap Singh, Prof. O.P. Vyas 2012 Residential Leave-
53 RS-113 Mr. Anup Nandy Dr. Pavan Chakraborty 2011 Ongoing
54 RS-115 Ms. Neha Baranwal Prof. G.C. NANDI 2012 Ongoing
55 RS-117 Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh Prof. R. C. Tripathi 2011 Ongoing
56 RS-126 Mr. Abhijit Makhal Dr. P. Chakraborty 2012 Ongoing
57 RS-127 Mr. Rajesh Mahule Prof. O. P. Vyas 2011 Ongoing
58 RS-128 Mr. Santosh Kumar Barnwal Prof. U.S.Tiwary 2013 Ongoing
59 RS-129 Ms Pinki Kumari Dr. Abhishek Vaish 2013 Ongoing
60 RS-130 Ms. Monika Rani Prof. O. P. Vyas 2013 Ongoing
61 RS-131 Mr. Shamantha Rai B. Dr. Shirshu Verma 2013 Ongoing
62 RS-133 Mr. Magal Raj P. Prof. Anupam Agrawal 2013 Ongoing
63 RS-139 Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Semwal Prof. G.C. Nandi 2013 Ongoing
64 RS-140 Ms. Divya Dr. Sonali Agarwal 2013 Ongoing
65 RS-141 Mr. Purnendu Shekhar Pandey Dr. Neetish Purohit 2013 Ongoing
66 RS-142 Mr. Vinod Kumar Jatav Dr.Vrijendra Singh 2013 Ongoing
67 RS-144 Ms. Niharika Anand Dr. Shirshu Verma Jan-14 Ongoing
68 RS-145 Ms. Jyoti kashniyal Dr. Shekhar Verma 2014 Ongoing
69 RS-146 Mr. Manish Raj Prof. G.C. Nandi 2014 Ongoing
70 RS-149 Mr. Vishal Krishna Singh Dr. Manish Kumar 2014 Ongoing
71 RS-150 Mr. Neeraj Jain Dr. Shekhar Verma Co-guide: Dr. Manish Kumar 2014 Ongoing
72 RS-151 Mr. Bakshi Rohit Prasad Dr. Sonali Agarwal 2014 Ongoing
73 RS-153 Mr. Sourabh Prakash Dr. S. Venkatesan 2014 Ongoing
74 RS-157 Mr. Sharad Gupta Prof. Sudip Sanyal 2014 Ongoing
75 RS-162 Mr. Shrikant Malviya Prof. U.S.Tiwary 2014 Ongoing
76 RS-163 Mr. Sudhakar Mishra Prof. U.S.Tiwary 2014 Ongoing
77 RS-165 Ms. Jaya Singh Dr. S.Venkatesan 2014 Ongoing
78 RS-166 Mr. Bodhi Chakraborty Dr. Shekhar Verma Co-supervisor- Dr. K.P.Singh 2014 Ongoing
79 RS-167 Mr. Amrit Pal Dr. Manish Kumar 2014 Ongoing
80 RS-169 Mr. Soumendu Chakraborty Dr. Satish Kr Singh, Joint Supervisor: Dr.Pavan Chakrab 2014 Ongoing
81 RS-172 Ms. Arpita Bhargava Dr. Shekhar Verma 2014 Ongoing
82 RS-175 Mr. Padmakar Pandey Prof. G.C.Nandi 2014 Ongoing
83 RS-176 Ms. Anjali Gautam Dr.Vrijendra Singh 2014 Ongoing
84 RSI2015001 Vivek Kumar Singh Dr. Manish Kumar 2015 Ongoing
85 RSI2015002 Suvidha Tripathi Dr. Satish Kumar Singh 2015 Ongoing
86 RSI2015003 Sheel Sindhu Manohar Dr. Shekhar Verma 2015 Ongoing
87 RSI2015004 Abdul Momin Prof. Sudip Sanyal 2015 Ongoing


Department of IT invites applications for admission to PhD program (With Institute/ External Fellowship)/ Non full-time PhD Program for Working Professionals) for January 2024 session. Please click here for more information
Last date for application: 10th December, 2023
Date of Written Test and Interview: 20th December, 2023